Beta Update June #2 - Beta Signup Live 🎉

We are making great progress and wanted to share a second update this month with some very exciting news!

Beta Sign-Up Is Now Live!

The new Seaplane website is now live, including THE BETA SIGN-UP. Signing up today will ensure you are one of the first to receive your login credentials.

First Successful Customer Deployment Stories

We are excited to announce that we have successfully deployed solutions for two companies - Entropical and Ondoou. Here's what Kjeld from Entropical had to say about the power of Seaplane:

"With it, I can fully devote my time to developing robust data processing and machine learning components without getting caught up in infrastructure configuration... a data scientist's dream 🤩”

And here's what Lars from Ondoou had to say:

"I am excited to be working with Seaplane as one of their early testers. Even in these early stages, I can already tell that using Seaplane will shorten the time to value for the various projects that I’m engaged in.”

Beta Developer Hub Is Now Live

We have created the first set of technical documentation; it is now live and ready to use. The Seaplane Developer Hub is your comprehensive resource for understanding and utilizing the cutting-edge features and capabilities of Seaplane.

We are constantly working on improving our docs. We know the current set is limited, but it should give you a good starting point to understand our new platform better. Specifically, have a look at the following two tutorials and let us know what you think. For any questions or feedback, reply to this email or send an email to

Meetup in person

We are attending the first edition of the Silicon Valley AI meetup hosted by Tyler Suard. We will present a first live demo of the new Seaplane platform. Join us on July 15th by signing up HERE. I hope to see you there.

In The Next Edition

We are hard at work on some really exciting features to enable even more powerful use cases such as built-in vector stores, document stores, application logic i.e. a/b testing and more intricate flows of data, and much much more! Keep an eye out for the next update email in two weeks.

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