Jan 23, 2024
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We are Seaplane and this is what we believe…

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Inference Speed Across 30+ LLMs

March Model Madness Results

April Update - 30+ models on Seaplane.io

LLM-powered RAG-enabled voice assistant - Technical deep dive

March Model Madness - A scientific and fun approach to crown an annual LLM winner

Technical Deep Dive Shopify AI Store Demo

Rule 4: We believe cloud infrastructure configurations have become too complex

Rule 3: We believe that mixing business logic with configuration is a sub-optimal tradeoff

Rule 2: We believe in "Region: Earth” and “Region: Regulatory Zone"

Elevating E-Commerce: AI-Infused Product Recommendations on Shopify with Seaplane

Rule 1: We believe the Developer Experience (DX) is all that matters.

Rule 0: We believe every app will be an AI-infused app in the future

We are Seaplane and this is what we believe…

Beta Update November

Beta Update September #2 - Logging

Beta Update September #1 - Seaplane GPT

Beta Update August #2 - LLM Evaluation and Beta Expansion

Evaluating and Measuring LLM Performance: A Quantitative Approach

Beta Update August #1 - Chat Bots

On In-context learning and vector databases

Data Loss Prevention In The Age Of The Large Language Model

Beta Update July #2 - Lots of little improvements!

GPT-3.5 VS MPT-30B - A Qualitative Comparison

Beta Update July #1 - Vector Store, Object Store, Podcast and much more!

Beta Update June #2 - Beta Signup Live 🎉

Beta Update June #1 - Unlocking the Data Science Journey from Prototype to Production

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