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example code using seaplane sdk to prompt an LLM as a recommendation engine

Why use Seaplane?

For those facing challenges in integrating AI into their applications, the process of getting Large Language Model (LLM) pipelines up and running in production can be a daunting task. However, there's a solution! Seaplane's Python SDK is designed to assist you in swiftly bringing your AI applications to production, starting today.
example code using seaplane sdk to perform a knn search on Seaplane Vector DB

Leverage the power of LLMs in production ready pipelines

Turbo-charge your documentation chat-bot engine with Llama2-70b-chat, detect sensitive text with mistral-7b, or localize your code completion with codellama-34b.

  • Simple SDK to create API-based pipelines
  • Streaming applications from edge infrastructure
  • Cron Jobs & batch-based pipeline

Powerful production ready building blocks for rapid prototyping

Define and deploy re-usable building blocks and connect them inside a pipeline. Enable your team to build rapid prototypes that are production ready.

  • Compute based co-processor with auto-scale
  • SQL, VectorDB, and Object Storage defaults
  • Specialized hardware optimized for ML workflows
example code using seaplane sdk to download an object from storage
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Quickly prototype data science pipelines

Seaplane enables teams to move faster, build velocity, and easily deploy pipelines. Don't waste time managing cloud infrastructure when you could be generating valuable insights.

No infrastructure knowledge required

Dream it. Deploy it. Done.
Seaplane deployments scale with your business needs and objectives. Meet the demands of your global user base, while maintaining shipping velocity.
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Python SDK for Operational Efficiency

Seaplane makes shipping a first class concern. Deliver high-quality insights as soon as they are found. Build workflows to empower your teams.