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A suite of highly reliable and strongly consistent coordination services that run on our global network of clouds, bare metal, and edge for the best availability, highest performance, and lowest cost.
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Global Coordination Services

Seaplane's Global Coordination Services are the tools you need to build and manage distributed systems. From our strongly consistent Locks Service to our super low latency Metadata Key-Value Store, all our solutions are designed with global applications in mind.

Metadata Key-Value Store

The Seaplane Metadata Key-Value Store is a distributed, reliable key-value store with strong consistency guarantees. Set, get, update, and delete key-value pairs, up to a maximum of 128 bytes for keys and 1MB for values.
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Low Latency Network

Like all Seaplane products, our Coordination Services run on the Seaplane Global Network of clouds, bare metal, and edge with an average of <50ms latency on both reads and writes around the world.
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Locks Service

Lock any resource in your globally distributed system using the highly consistent, highly reliable, and highly performant (<50ms of latency around the world on average) Seaplane Locks Service.
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Using the Metadata KVS

Measuring global performance with the Global Experience Tester

Using the Metadata KVS

Working With the Seaplane Metadata Key-Value Store Command Line Interface (CLI)

Simple, Predictable Pricing


Coordination services are $0.02 per operation and $0.30 per record per month. Only pay for what you use with no surprises at the end of the month.

No Egress Fees

Seaplane operates above the clouds, and so should your deployments. We’ll manage the cost of switching between regions and providers for you.

Free Trial

Contact us for a free Seaplane boarding pass which include a complimentary 100 records and 1000 operations per month for qualifying projects.

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