Beta Update November

It has been too long since we last updated you on the progress here at Seaplane, below, you will find a much-needed update from the Flightdeck.

New HTTP Entry points

We significantly improved HTTP-enabled applications, speeding up API calls by 3x on average. In addition, we changed the content-type from application/json to application/octet-stream. This enables applications to accept much richer data inputs.

Task Context

We added task context as a new concept to the SDK. Task context is responsible for handling the input and output of tasks. Combined with the new HTTP entry point, it allows you to process any byte-encoded input data.

In addition to handling the input data, the task context handles the output data of tasks. This replaces the traditional return statement in the task. In doing so, it creates a range of new possibilities. For example, you can now output multiple data elements per task; in other words, debatching is now possible anywhere inside your application.


We have added region support to our SDK. This feature enables users to deploy workloads in specific regions/data centers by adding a single line to their code.


Our aspirations for region selection are much higher, and we expect to add many new features to the region functionality soon. While region selection is still manual, we are working on improvements that automatically select the best region based on end-user traffic patterns. On top of that, we have big plans for building out data regulation compliance features that will extend the current region selection implementation.


What is better than one task processing your data? 10 tasks processing your data! We have added support for task replication. You can deploy multiple replicas of the same task by adding a single parameter to the task decorator.


Task replication is the first step in creating larger applications on Seaplane; combining them with the debatch mode introduced above enables very powerful workflows.

Just like with regions, our aspirations for task replication are much larger. The current implementation is manual, forcing the user to select the number of replicas. Future implementations will add support for automated scaling based on the queue size. For example, adding a lot of requests to your pipeline automatically scales task replicas within the minimum and maximum range defined by the user.

We are hiring a Developer Relations Engineer

Want to join the most exciting startup in Data Science and Machine Learning? Now you can! We are hiring a Developer Relations Engineer to join our customer team.

Projects include:

  • Creating tutorials and demos
  • Writing documentation
  • Working with customers directly implementing projects to guide new product development
  • Creating instructional videos
  • Writing blogs about industry trends

You should be based in the European or American time zones. However, this is a 100% remote opportunity.

Ideal Experience

  • Tech: Python, SQL, Object Stores, Vector Stores, Large Language Models, and event-driven architectures
  • Experience creating technical content such as blogs, documentation, and videos
  • Remote (startup) experience
  • Don't worry if you don't match all of the above you can learn on the job

To apply send a message to

People Love Seaplane!

Bryce Murray applied AI scientist @Two Story, loved our product, and his time as a design partner so much that he honored us with a blog post on Medium. Thank you for the kind words, Bryce!

Upcoming Podcasts

In the next edition of the Scale Up AI Podcast we invited Matt Sharp to talk about his book LLMs in Production. Subscribe to us on Spotify or wherever you listen to your podcasts to catch up on past editions and be notified of all next editions.

That is all for this update; we hope you enjoyed it. We are working on some great new features, including automatic scaling, region selection, automated data regulation compliance, new LLM models, and much more.

If you want to use Seaplane today, sign up for our beta.


Fokke and the rest of the Seaplane team!

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