Build Applications, Not Infrastructure

Seaplane has the tools you need to manage and deploy databases and full stack applications across zones, regions, and providers without the hassle of managing underlying resources.
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Managed Global SQL

Seaplane's Managed Global SQL (Global SQL) extends standard Postgres with powerful new features designed for global users and end users. Deployed on the best combination of edge, bare metal, and public cloud resources, Global SQL examines your end-user traffic patterns to determine the best deployment locations based on cost and performance within geofenced locations you optionally  define.
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Ready for GDPR and Beyond

Restrict data locations by table or by row to comply with current and future data regulations. Seaplane will still optimize your infrastructure for you, but only within geofenced locations you define.
GDPR Compliance with Seaplane >

World-Class Performance

Thanks to our seamless cloud-to-edge network, Global SQL queries average <25ms of latency around the world, ensuring high performance for your end users anywhere and everywhere.
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High Availability, Low Complexity

Global SQL is fully wire-compatible with PostgresSQL v11.2 and is generally syntax/feature compatible. Choose your table type, define regions as needed, and deploy — we’ll take care of the rest.
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Global Coordination Services

Seaplane's Global Coordination Services give you the tools you need to build and manage distributed applications. Seaplane’s suite of highly reliable and strongly consistent coordination services run on our global network of public clouds, bare metal, and edge for the best availability and performance for you and your end users.

Metadata Key-Value Store

The Seaplane Metadata Key-Value Store is a distributed, reliable key-value store with strong consistency guarantees that averages <35ms latency on both reads and writes around the world.
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High Reliability, Low Latency

Like all Seaplane products, our Coordination Services run on the Seaplane Global Network of clouds, bare metal, and edge ensuring <25ms latencies for end users everywhere.
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Locks Service

Lock any resource in your globally distributed system using the highly consistent, highly reliable, and highly performant (<50ms of latency) Seaplane Locks Service.
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Managed Global Compute

Seaplane's Managed Global Compute (MGC) allows users to quickly and easily deploy containerized workloads across our unified network of public clouds, bare metal, and edge. Seaplane automatically finds the best deployment locations and resources (whether that’s a public cloud or at the edge) to minimize your cost and maximize performance based on your application’s traffic.

Above and Beyond Compute

Routing, load-balancing, autoscaling, automatic rescheduling — everything your application needs to run globally comes included at no additional cost and with no additional lift for you.
Introducing Global Compute >

Automatic Disaster Recovery

If one provider or region goes down, your Seaplane workloads will be automatically rescheduled to the next best available resource with minimal or no disruption for you or your end users.
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Edge and Multi-Cloud Made Easy

No need to rewrite your app, Seaplane supports the use of any standard OCI image. Container images may be hosted on the Seaplane registry or any standard container registry of your choice.
Deploying with Seaplane >

What is Seaplane?

Seaplane is a global control plane that uses the optimal combination of public clouds, bare metal providers, and edge resources to deliver applications when and where they are needed. Instead of doing multiple deployments to multiple zones, regions, and clouds you deploy your applications once, everywhere.

With Seaplane, developers can focus on shipping apps, not building infrastructure.
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The Seaplane Global Network

Seaplane's Global Network treats edge deployments and cloud deployments as one and the same; all part of a seamless, managed continuum of multi-cloud to edge. With a combination of PoPs, bare metal providers, and public clouds, Seaplane delivers your applications to users everywhere.
  • A continually expanding global backbone of PoPs orchestrates deployments and brings applications and data right to the user.
  • Includes all major cloud providers like AWS, GCP, Azure, and OCI
  • Includes bare metal providers like Equinix and NetActuate.
  • Automated vertical and horizontal scaling across all zones, regions, and continents
  • Automated resource optimization, only pay for what you use

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Using Managed Global SQL for GDPR Compliance

Watch a Demo

Python Django Global API Deployment with Seaplane

Watch a Demo

Working With the Seaplane Metadata Key-Value Store CLI

Why Seaplane?

Whether you want to reduce cloud costs, optimize your application’s performance, or manage data compliance, Seaplane is here to help. Here are just a few ways you can use Seaplane to deliver the best version of your application to users around the world.

Reduce Cloud Costs

Seaplane uses the optimal combination of major public clouds, bare metal, and edge to automatically save you money without compromising performance
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Resist Disaster

If a provider goes down, Seaplane instantly reschedules your workloads to the next best available resource with no disruption for you or your end users

Manage Data Compliance

Go global or restrict your data and deployment locations — we’ll optimize your infrastructure mix, but only within the geofenced locations you define

Improve Performance

Seaplane’s global edge network puts your containers and data as close to your users as possible, reducing latency everywhere and anywhere

Avoid Vendor Lock In

Seaplane uses a diverse network of cloud, edge, and bare metal providers so you can keep using the services you love backed by the capacity you need

Scale Seamlessly

Seaplane automatically scales your deployments to meet demand, if new users appear in new regions we’ll scale your resources in that region to match

Bring Your Apps to the World

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