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Managed Global SQL is a Postgres compatible relational database for cloud native applications that puts your data where you and your users need it.
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Managed Global SQL

Seaplane's Managed Global SQL (Global SQL) extends standard Postgres with powerful new features designed for global users and end users. Deployed on the best combination of edge, bare metal, and public cloud resources, Global SQL examines your end-user traffic patterns to determine the best deployment locations based on cost and performance within geofenced locations you optionally  define.

Global Data, Local Compliance

Restrict data locations by table or by row to comply with current and future data privacy regulations.

Seaplane will still optimize your underlying infrastructure mix for you, choosing the best providers from cloud to edge, but only within the geofenced locations you define.

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A Smarter Global Database

Seaplane Global SQL doesn’t just put your data everywhere, it puts your data where it actually needs to be based on real time user traffic analysis.

If end users suddenly crop up in Perth, Australia, Seaplane will automatically generate new read replicas to support the demand and run them on the best nearest resource — whether that’s on a public cloud or at the edge. If that resource goes down, no worries mate! We’ll reschedule your workloads automatically.

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What's Onboard Global SQL?

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Simple Geofencing

Restrict data locations by table or by row to comply with current and future data privacy regulations. Seaplane still provisions your infrastructure and manages your replicas based on demand, but only within your geofences.
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Cloud Plus Edge

Thanks to our seamless multi-cloud-to-edge network, Global SQL queries average <25ms of latency around the world, ensuring high performance backed by the horsepower of your favorite public clouds.
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Easy Implementation

Global SQL is fully wire-compatible with PostgresSQL v11.2 and is generally syntax/feature compatible. All you need to do is choose your table type, define your regions as needed, and deploy — we’ll take care of all the rest.
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Autopilot Deployments

Seaplane’s Autopilot feature finds the best locations for your database nodes based on end user traffic, ensuring your data is where it needs to be. If demand increases, new read replicas are created automatically.
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Disaster Avoidance

Seaplane’s Global Network spans multiple clouds (AWS, GCP, Azure, OCI) and edge. If one provider goes down, we automatically reschedule your workloads to the next best resource — whether that's in the clouds or at the edge.
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Low Cost, No Stress

Seaplane manages all your provisioning and infrastructure for you, optimizing for cost and performance. Never worry about latency, availability, or idling resources again — you only pay for what you use and we only use the best for you.
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Using Global SQL

Seaplane Managed Global SQL for GDPR Compliance

Simple, Predictable Pricing


Global SQL is $1.50 per vCPU hour for compute with an additional $.35/GB per month for storage. You only pay for what you use with no surprises at the end of the month.

No Egress Fees

Seaplane operates above the clouds, and so do your deployments. Don’t worry about the cost of switching between regions or providers, we’ll manage it all for you.

Free Trial

Qualifying projects and research participants can get started on Global SQL for free. Schedule a call with our onboarding team to get a complimentary three months and 20GB.

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