The Power of Multi-Cloud, the Performance of Edge

Managed Global Compute finds the best deployment locations and multi-cloud + edge resources for your containerized, full stack applications to minimize cost and maximize performance
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Managed Global Compute

Seaplane's Managed Global Compute (MGC) allows users to quickly and easily deploy containerized workloads across our unified network of public clouds, bare metal, and edge. Seaplane automatically finds the best deployment locations and resources (whether that’s a public cloud or at the edge) to minimize your cost and maximize performance based on your application’s traffic.

What's Onboard Global Compute?

Above and Beyond Compute

Routing, load-balancing, autoscaling, automatic rescheduling — everything your application needs to run globally comes included at no additional cost and with no additional lift for your team.
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Seamless Global Scaling

Seaplane deployments are global by default, there are no “regions” except the ones you define — if new end users appear in new regions they’ll be supported automatically.
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Edge and Multi-Cloud Made Easy

No need for rewrites, Seaplane supports the use of any standard OCI image hosted on the Seaplane container registry or any standard container registry of your choice.
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Autopilot Deployments

Seaplane’s Autopilot feature finds the best locations for your workloads based on your actual user traffic, ensuring your deployments are always where they need to be for the best end user experience.
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Disaster Avoidance

Seaplane’s Global Network spans multiple clouds (AWS, GCP, Azure, OCI) and edge. If one provider goes down, we automatically reschedule your workloads to the next best resource — whether that's in the clouds or at the edge.
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Low Cost, No Stress

Seaplane manages all your provisioning and infrastructure for you, optimizing for cost and performance. Never worry about latency, availability, or idling resources again — you only pay for what you use and we only use the best for you.
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Using Global Compute

Seaplane Managed Global Compute for easy Python API deployments

Simple, Predictable Pricing


Global Compute charges per GCU hour based on how many cores and memory used per container. You only pay for what you use with no surprises at the end of the month.

No Egress Fees

Seaplane operates above the clouds, and so do your deployments. Don’t worry about the cost of switching between regions or providers, we’ll manage it all for you.

Free Trial

Early access users and beta testers can get started on Global Compute for free! Schedule a call with our team to see if you qualify for a Seaplane boarding pass worth up to $500.

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