About Seaplane

We are giving the cloud back to creators through a global application platform built for developers and makers.
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Our Mission

Seaplane delivers a planet-wide software platform for running your whole application stack globally, wherever and whenever your users need it.

Scaling should be a cause for celebration, not a cause for panic. We remove the pain and complexity of scaling out your apps, so you can spend less time managing infrastructure and more time developing better software.

Our Vision

Better developer experiences and positive user experiences are not mutually exclusive. We believe that creators should be free from the pain and complexity of managing cloud infrastructure, so they can focus on what matters: improving their apps.

Seaplane brings the joy back to shipping apps and unlocks the cloud's true potential.

Our Values

Unclouding the Cloud

DevOps and cloud solutions have made developers' lives hard. We continuously strive to deliver solutions that remove the pain and complexity, unclouding the path to building and delivering better apps.

Work on Cloud 9

At the heart of Seaplane is the desire to give the cloud back to creators. We believe that the cloud should enable you to bring the best version of your apps to users everywhere. Each journey should be a rich experience for the entire team. We are focused on putting the joy back into the cloud.

Democratizing User Experience

Every user deserves an equally positive experience with your apps, no matter where they live. By allowing developers to optimize their apps for users anywhere and everywhere, we ensure that the user experience is universally democratic.

Anyone Can Fly

Talent doesn't have borders. Whoever you are, wherever you are, if you are great at what you do, we want to work with you.

Bring Your Apps to the World

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